SeNiOr YeAr

So i know i am a bit of a failure right now…i mean my last post was only god knows how long ago…but today i feel the need to post something so here we go…

Summer before senior year is…exhausting. I have the senior portraits on the 18th at 9am and volleyball everyday for 2 hours and college touring…sorry Bama fans but the University of Alabamas tour SUCKED! You would do better doing the itour online on their website because they dont even show you a dorm room or a classroom. Anyways i have 2 summer reads and sad to say but i am still on the first on with 7 chapters to go then i have another one…Invisible Man. Whippy.

College…a few things need to be said:

1. its not easy to find the ONE

2. dont go into a college tour thinking this will be it BEFORE the tour begins

3. college is by no means cheap-it make private school look cheap

4. the dorms arent going to be perfect

5. go somewhere you can see yourself-dont go somewhere your FRIENDS see themselves

6. check out scholarships that you could get…there are plenty you just have to hunt it all down

7. reseach and reseach colleges-figure out which ones you like based on the info they give you

8. eliminate-do you want a big college or a small one? do you want public or private-does it matter to you? money-how much does it cost?

9. how far away from home do you want to be? realize that even if you dont think so now you will be homesick. so with that being said how long will a drive home and back to school be?

10. check out the deadlines…see how much time you actually have to sort this all out in your head…collegeboard is a HUGE help.

that is anna’s college advise :) take it or leave it but thats what i am dealing with right now…i kinda wish i started early…but were not perfect. something to learn.